To date, the following companies have presented their business plans and offerings to members of the Cannabis Investor Network. We are honored to play a part in helping these great cannabis companies on their path to financial success:  

Lodestone Data Technologies transforms plant-level tracking for large-scale cannabis cultivations with its innovative, RFID-based technology platform that lowers labor costs and minimizes human error.  The company’s technology automatically handles administrative overhead so growers can focus on cultivation and improving operational efficiencies. https://lodestonedata.com

Cannabis Club TV is the first broadcasting network devoted to the cannabis industry, certified by Tommy Chong–in stores and dispensaries, on the internet, on your home TV and via a mobile app. The rapidly-growing network produces and publishes the latest cannabis-related news, entertainment and business content straight into dispensaries and retail stores across the nation while simultaneously helping to facilitate a marketing and branding reach for businesses like never before. By installing our proprietary broadcast hardware into high traffic well-established locations, Cannabis Club TV provides solutions for brands, retailers, and customers. http://cannabisclub.tv

 Simplure offers products and services to help companies achieve electrical power quality and efficiency objectives. Simplure manufactures power quality corrective devices that, when properly applied, will correct power factor to better than 98% in most cases; will reduce total harmonic distortion to virtually harmless levels; and will reduce the magnitude of peak demand spikes. More importantly, Simplure provides advanced, system level, power quality analysis and the engineering expertise to design, install and fine-tune highly effective solutions to power quality problems. http://www.simplurepower.com

 In 2014 Team Kush founded Kush Tourism to promote social change in cannabis and to develop the infrastructure for cannabis tourism. In three years time, their team of two has grown to a team of 12 serving retail marijuana shops and farms in Oregon, Washington and Colorado. On behalf of their 300+ paying members, they make some of the largest ad buys in the cannabis industry. This member network has led Team Kush to build the leading wholesale marketplace website in the cannabis industry, Kush Marketplace, which now serves more than 1,400 vendors and retailers. The combination of their digital marketplace, live farmer’s market events, and printed product guides gives Team Kush a unique advantage and has allowed them to corner this emerging market. https://market.kushguide.com

POSaBIT offers a virtual currency purchase service to its customers through a proprietary software application running on a terminal(s) at a merchant’s physical location. In essence, POSaBIT provides a mechanism for merchants to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for goods and services. When customers use the Service, a merchant swipes a customer’s credit card (e.g., Visa, MasterCard) at one of POSaBIT’s POS devices, installed at the store, whereupon the POSaBIT service exchanges fiat currency from the consumer’s credit card for an equivalent value of Bitcoin. The POSaBIT hardware prints a “paper wallet,” which is similar to a paper voucher that contains a public/private key pairing that enables access to the Bitcoin value represented on the blockchain.  The customer can elect to either walk out of the store with the Bitcoin in-hand (to be used anywhere that accepts bitcoin), or he or she can hand the paper wallet to the cashier to pay for goods or services from the merchant with Bitcoin held in the blockchain identified by the paper wallet. In three-and-a-half months, POSaBIT has processed more than $1million in sales and is rolling out stores at a rate of two per week. http://www.posabit.com

Cannamark Inc. is a biotechnology company with a patent-pending process for creating cold water-soluble cannabinoid powder. This turnkey process is economical and highly scalable. The resulting powder increases bioavailability and dosage consistency of edibles while unlocking new retail product form factors. The company’s B2B model directly leverages the burgeoning cannabis industry while maintaining federal legality. https://cmrkinc.com

Green Reef Distributing is an independent Cannabis Wholesaler in both THC and CBD products to regulate sales of products to licensed retailers throughout California. We will work alongside our suppliers and assist to grow established brands as well as new brands to penetrate market distribution and to ensure that consumers can choose from a vast selection of product lines. This three-tier system will provide the infrastructure, capital and personnel for producers who will need to reach a wide network of retailers. Our infrastructure plan includes state-of-the-art warehouses and fleets of temperature-controlled vehicles that will preserve the highest in quality for our products. Distributor personnel include employees to handle warehousing, transporting and delivery to all local retailers, as well as sales and merchandising professionals who help promote the brands we represent.

Lehua Group USA owns and manages the Olala brand of Hawaiian infused sodas, coffees, and concentrates. A 2017 WA Dope Cup Winner for Best Liquid Edible, Olala sodas are 9 ounces of yummy, fizzy cannabis fun, available in three signature flavors: Orange Cream, Ginseng Cola, and Lemon Lime Citrus, and in three potency levels: 10 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg THC. The company’s concentrate products utilize clean Co2 extraction and post processing methods and deliver pure, single-source, cannabis-derived terpenes for authentic flavor and effect. Lehua intends to take its Olala brand to all MJ-legal states, and eventually to every country in the world where marijuana is legal and people want to chill out Aloha style.

The Vuber team BELEVES in cannabis and views vaporization as an efficient way to utilize cannabis for both its medical AND recreational practices. Vuber is very proud to offer a noninvasive delivery system that is portable, convenient and discreet. We strive to provide a convenient way for customers to incorporate cannabis into their lives in any way that suits their lifestyle. At Vuber we value our customers. We are solution-oriented educators that know the cannabis industry and can accommodate our customers’ needs. We believe in being friendly, honest and transparent while holding to the highest standards of integrity and ethics. We are a family-oriented business, built from the ground up. We remain true to those roots while continuously innovating, improving, and striving to better our products in design and materials. http://vubervaporizers.com.