About Us

The Cannabis Investment Network connects accredited investors with businesses in legal cannabis, one of the economy’s fastest growing market segments. Headquartered in Seattle, the Network offers a platform which allows cannabis companies seeking growth capital to present their business plans and offering documents to accredited investors seeking to participate in the industry. Companies typically are looking for angel investment ranging from $500,000 to $3 million. 

The Cannabis Investment Network was founded in early 2017 by Ed Harris, CEO of Harris Northwest Advisors (HNA), a boutique investment banking firm; and Dante Jones, co-founder of a Seattle-based cannabis business accelerator and one of the Northwest’s foremost industry entrepreneurs. CIN’s executive team sources and vets all investment offerings to present to the Network, with an initial geographic focus on West Coast companies.

Why we are bullish on cannabis.  

Legal, regulated cannabis is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. This is particularly evident in the United States, where more than 200 million people, over 60% of the population, now live in states where cannabis can be legally purchased.

After decades of a failed and futile attempt to enforce marijuana prohibition, Western democracies around the world have begun to gradually realize that regulating and taxing the production and sale of cannabis is simply a better policy outcome. The result: a booming market for cannabis.

The regulated U.S. cannabis market was estimated at $7 billion in 2016, with forecasts by Wall Street that the market will exceed $50 billion within ten years. Taking into consideration similar trends towards legalization outside the US, CIN believes the industry has the potential to exceed over $200 billion globally. In particular, while the recreational and supplemental medical market is fueling most of the current growth, we believe that pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana could eventually exceed the recreational market.

We also believe that with growth comes opportunity. The founders of CIN have decades of cumulative experience in technology and investing. We have seen first-hand how rapid growth creates opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

This opportunity is perhaps even more pronounced in cannabis, which historically has carried genuine potential legal jeopardy for operators along with the social stigma of being associated with “stoners”. Today, we see a new breed of professionals transforming the industry, bringing with them backgrounds in business, finance, marketing, operations, and technology. Increasingly, cannabis companies are being run by the same types of talented, ambitious entrepreneurs who have transformed technology over the past generation.

Of course, even in a rapidly growing market, not every venture succeeds. CIN understands that investors need to find those companies with the strongest business models and management teams in order to improve their chances of success, given the significant risks of early stage investing. We have strategically created and launched a platform which allows Accredited Investors to access what CIN believes are the most promising emerging growth companies in cannabis.